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Because one size doesn't fit all, we take a haute couture approach to designing travel solutions for those in creative industries. Whether you're in media, advertising, publishing or the rag trade, our individually tailored itineraries and travel programs deliver a perfect fit.

  • Specially negotiated luggage allowances, rates and waivers
  • Exclusive accommodation rates and value added extras such as early check in, late check out, free Wi-Fi and use of hotel meeting rooms
  • Group travel logistics and rates
  • 24/7 dedicated Stage and Screen after-hours team

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Specialist Services


In the rock n roll world there are some requests which may seem strange, but not to us. We can deliver a seamless and discreet VIP service offering smooth arrivals and departures, private hotel entrances, entire hotel floor bookings, luxury transfers, priority booking and specially negotiated additional waivers and favours.

Group Travel

Being part of a group can enhance the highs and the lows of travelling for work. Complex logistics, group transfers and specialist accommodation? No problem. We can also negotiate value-add services such as streamlined check-in.

Baggage and Logistics

When you’re launching your latest collection or campaign travelling light is not an option. Your designs and props are your calling card so we take great care to customise a seamless and cost-effective baggage, freight and logistics solution that works for you.

24/7 Emergency Support

Whether you’re doing a whistle-stop capital city tour or crossing time zones for an international launch, our team has your back. You can access your dedicated travel management team 24/7, from anywhere in the world. This seamlessly allows for any last-minute bookings or unforeseen changes.

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Jeanswest on the road

Adam Lloyd tells how he took his team on a very special road trip. Jeanswest is about all things Australia right now, and Stage and Screen has been lucky enough to join them for the ride and manage...

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